Breaking the Plastic Wave: A comprehensive assessment of pathways towards stopping ocean plastic pollution

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PERC co-director Trisia Farrelly is a contributor to this new report published by the Pew Charitable Trust that uses a first-of-its-kind model of the global plastics system to “create a global analysis that evaluates various strategies to reduce ocean plastic flows and quantifies the associated economic, environmental, and social implications of each pathway”. Read the full report here.

Call for new APPA members

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Calling all kaitiaki who are concerned about plastic pollution: The Aotearoa Plastic Pollution Alliance (APPA) is seeking new members. APPA is a network of researchers, educators, scientists, industry, campaigners, artists, and conservationists working to prevent and mitigate plastic pollution in Aotearoa and Oceania as an integral part of restoring the mauri of Papatūānuku and Tangaroa. Since late 2018, APPA has …

Microbeads are banned, but plastic-filled products are everywhere

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PERC co-director Trisia Farrelly is calling for greater awareness of and restrictions on plastics in consumer products like cosmetics. Despite 2018 regulations on microbeads, plastic products filled products continue to be sold. Farrelly explains to Stuff that some forms of plastic, such as acrylates copolymer and its variations, fall outside the current legislation. Acrylates copolymer is a microplastic that poses a …

In the News: European Parliament adopts new rules on single–use plastics to reduce marine litter

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The European Parliament has implemented new rules on single-use plastics as part of the fight against global marine litter. The Single-Use Plastics Directive voted on by the European Parliament includes a ban on single use plastic products for which alternatives exist (such as cotton buds, straws, and plastic cutlery), an ambitious collection target for plastic bottles, Extended Producer Responsibility schemes …

We need a legally binding treaty to make plastic pollution history

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PERC co-director Trisia Farrelly, writing for The Conversation, outlines the fallacies associated with current methods of dealing with plastic waste. She describes how plastic recycling and plastic-to-energy schemes are not safe or viable solutions to a matter of serious international concern. She argues a “global, legally binding treaty with clear targets and standards is the real game-changer we urgently need”. …

Plastic Legacies: Persistence, Pollution, and Politics

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PERC is very pleased to announce that the book Plastic Legacies: Persistence, Pollution, and Politics has been accepted for open access publication with Athabasca University Press (AUP). The book is edited by PERC co-directors Trisia Farrelly and Sy Taffel with Professor Ian Shaw. Plastic Legacies’ genesis was the online conference ‘The Lives and Afterlives of Plastic.’

2017 Marine Plastic Innovation Challenge

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The 2017 Marine Plastic Innovation Challenge seeks to highlight solution-oriented engineering, research, and communication efforts that can help solve the global marine litter problem. Four categories have been defined within the challenge, with one winner from each to be announced at the Sixth International Marine Debris Conference in San Diego, California in March 2018. Winners will have the opportunity to present …