Breaking the Plastic Wave: A comprehensive assessment of pathways towards stopping ocean plastic pollution

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PERC co-director Trisia Farrelly is a contributor to this new report published by the Pew Charitable Trust that uses a first-of-its-kind model of the global plastics system to “create a global analysis that evaluates various strategies to reduce ocean plastic flows and quantifies the associated economic, environmental, and social implications of each pathway”. Read the full report here.

Publication: Islands of Opportunity

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Pacific Island countries and territories only contribute 13% of the “mismanaged plastic in the world’s oceans”, yet oceanic currents deposit much of this mismanaged plastic on Pacific shores. PERC co-director Trisia Farrelly has contributed to the authorship of the report Islands of Opportunity: Toward a Global Agreement on Plastic Pollution for Pacific Island Countries and Territories, which argues that existing …

Running a ‘nearly carbon neutral conference’ – Lessons from the Feral Conference

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Reflections from PERC members on the experience of hosting an online conference have been published over at the LSE Impact Blog: “While the sharing of online video is often discussed as a solution to questions of access, even as that format overcomes barriers, it introduces others. For instance, whereas access to video-making tools and software is widespread, it is far …

Plastic Legacies: Persistence, Pollution, and Politics

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PERC is very pleased to announce that the book Plastic Legacies: Persistence, Pollution, and Politics has been accepted for open access publication with Athabasca University Press (AUP). The book is edited by PERC co-directors Trisia Farrelly and Sy Taffel with Professor Ian Shaw. Plastic Legacies’ genesis was the online conference ‘The Lives and Afterlives of Plastic.’