PUBLICATION: Plastic Legacies

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Emerging from the fully online 2017 conference ‘The Lives and Afterlives of Plastics‘ is the open-access book Plastic Legacies. Edited by PERC co-directors Trisia Farrelly, Sy Taffel with Professor Ian Shaw, the volume brings together scholars from the fields of marine biology, psychology, anthropology, environmental studies, Indigenous studies, and media studies to investigate and address the urgent socio-ecological challenges brought …

Breaking the Plastic Wave: A comprehensive assessment of pathways towards stopping ocean plastic pollution

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PERC co-director Trisia Farrelly is a contributor to this new report published by the Pew Charitable Trust that uses a first-of-its-kind model of the global plastics system to “create a global analysis that evaluates various strategies to reduce ocean plastic flows and quantifies the associated economic, environmental, and social implications of each pathway”. Read the full report here.

Publication: Islands of Opportunity

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Pacific Island countries and territories only contribute 13% of the “mismanaged plastic in the world’s oceans”, yet oceanic currents deposit much of this mismanaged plastic on Pacific shores. PERC co-director Trisia Farrelly has contributed to the authorship of the report Islands of Opportunity: Toward a Global Agreement on Plastic Pollution for Pacific Island Countries and Territories, which argues that existing …

Running a ‘nearly carbon neutral conference’ – Lessons from the Feral Conference

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Reflections from PERC members on the experience of hosting an online conference have been published over at the LSE Impact Blog: “While the sharing of online video is often discussed as a solution to questions of access, even as that format overcomes barriers, it introduces others. For instance, whereas access to video-making tools and software is widespread, it is far …

Plastic Legacies: Persistence, Pollution, and Politics

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PERC is very pleased to announce that the book Plastic Legacies: Persistence, Pollution, and Politics has been accepted for open access publication with Athabasca University Press (AUP). The book is edited by PERC co-directors Trisia Farrelly and Sy Taffel with Professor Ian Shaw. Plastic Legacies’ genesis was the online conference ‘The Lives and Afterlives of Plastic.’