Pete Myers: Visting Scholar 2019

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PERC was honoured to have hosted Dr. Pete Myers as a visiting scholar in early November 2019. Dr. Myers gave three presentations: Palmerston North City Library; Massey University, Wellington; and the Ministry for the Environment. Video footage from the Wellington can be found here. The key ideas that emerged across Pete’s talks were that: Exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) …

Pete Myers: What’s safe and what’s not?

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PERC is pleased to announce that visiting PERC Scholar Dr. Pete Myers will be giving a guest lecture, What’s safe and what’s not? The failure of chemical regulations to protect our health. Pete’s talk will be on Tuesday 5 November, 12 noon- 2pm in the Executive Seminar Suite ( 5B14/ESS), Massey University’s Wellington Campus. You can livestream the talk here.

PERC Visiting Scholar: Dr Pete Myers

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PERC is delighted to host Dr Pete Myers (Science Communication Network) at Massey University in November this year. Pete is a leading authority in human health and environmental toxins, and coined the term ‘endocrine disrupting chemicals’ (EDCs).  EDCs are implicated in all plastics, household items, and many food contact materials.  Pete co-authored ‘Our Stolen Future’ and was recently awarded the …

Trisia Farrelly in the Pacific

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Dr. Trisia Farrelly, Co-Director of Massey University’s (NZ) Political Ecology Research Centre (PERC),  attended the Noumea and Waigani Convention COPs on the 29th and 30th August and the Pacific Environment Forum (PEF) on Monday 2nd September.  Dr Farrelly connected with all the Pacific Island country representatives likely to attend UNEA5 and learned about some of their biggest waste challenges.  Those …

2019 Eric Wolf Prize

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Members of the wider PERC network may be interested in the Political Ecology Society (PESO) announcement of the 2019 Eric Wolf Prize for the best article-length paper.  They seek papers based in substantive field research that make an innovative contribution to political ecology.  Clear links to some specific sets of political ecology ideas and literature is important. To be eligible for …

Running a ‘nearly carbon neutral conference’ – Lessons from the Feral Conference

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Reflections from PERC members on the experience of hosting an online conference have been published over at the LSE Impact Blog: “While the sharing of online video is often discussed as a solution to questions of access, even as that format overcomes barriers, it introduces others. For instance, whereas access to video-making tools and software is widespread, it is far …

In the News: European Parliament adopts new rules on single–use plastics to reduce marine litter

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The European Parliament has implemented new rules on single-use plastics as part of the fight against global marine litter. The Single-Use Plastics Directive voted on by the European Parliament includes a ban on single use plastic products for which alternatives exist (such as cotton buds, straws, and plastic cutlery), an ambitious collection target for plastic bottles, Extended Producer Responsibility schemes …

We need a legally binding treaty to make plastic pollution history

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PERC co-director Trisia Farrelly, writing for The Conversation, outlines the fallacies associated with current methods of dealing with plastic waste. She describes how plastic recycling and plastic-to-energy schemes are not safe or viable solutions to a matter of serious international concern. She argues a “global, legally binding treaty with clear targets and standards is the real game-changer we urgently need”. …