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The 27th conference of the AHSN is comprised of a two-day physical meeting for delegates resident in New Zealand and an online event for Australian and International delegates.

To participate in the online event

Watch the panel presentations: Each day we will feature new panels that bring together 2-4 presentations on one of the conference themes. Each panel has its own webpage consisting of video presentations and a chaired comments section. Links to these panels will appear below on the day scheduled in this conference programme.

Join online discussions: In the online session, panel discussion is not confined to the few minutes following presentations. The comments section underneath each panel will be open throughout the conference.

Panel chairs will kick off discussion, but this format also relies on everyone getting involved. To get the most out of the online conference, post your comments in the panel comments section, and go back in regularly to read and respond to others’ thoughts and keep the discussion moving.

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  1. Hello
    I would like to watch the conference online.
    I cannot find a way to do this on the registration page.

    Kindest regard

    Genevieve Thackwell-James

    1. Post

      Kia ora Genevieve.

      The online aspect of the conference is open access. You don’t need to register. The first presentations will be posted here on Monday 1 Feb.

      Ngā mihi
      Lisa (site admin)

  2. Congratulations, Nick and team, on pioneering the Australasian Humour Studies Network (AHSN) into this virtual format! Many thanks to you, the Conference Organising Committee and Massey University’s PERC for making it possible. Looking forward to the event itself next week and if readers would like to find out more about the AHSN, please visit our website at:

    Jessica Milner Davis
    AHSN Co-ordinator
    University of Sydney, Australia

  3. Please advise time of day (AEST would be helpful) for all keynotes and sessions. The program only provides time for daily zoom discussion sessions.

    1. Dear Jocelyn,

      As is explained in the ‘Conference Information’ section of the program, this conference will be run in an asynchronous mode. This means that there is no set time for the panels. Instead, we encourage virtual attendees to log-in, watch the presentations and comment in the forums when they are able to. For those who wish to engage in live chat, there are also the Zoom sessions.

      The times for the keynote sessions are provided in the program. They will also be recorded and embedded in the website for those who wish to view them later.

      Nick Holm

      1. Thank you for explaining the meaning of asynchronous mode. I had only come across this previously when applied to transfer of units of computer data.

    1. Thanks for attending Dick, although I fear your dry Dutch sense of humour may cause chaos if others start asking for their badges as well.

  4. Hi Nick,

    Ivo and I would like to join the Q&A with Christelle Paré, but we cannot find any Zoom link on the conference page. Are we missing something?



    1. Hi Dick,

      I’ve sent the zoom link to your email. I don’t want to make it public which could invite Zoom bombing. If anyone else would like to join, please email me at nhfholm(at)massey.


  5. Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to reiterate what Nick wrote in his latest email and ask both panelists and chairs to check in with their respective panels again. I am 12hrs behind, which means I took longer in both replying and asking questions. Sadly this meant I did not receive any replies myself – which obviously is a shame.

    I understand the online format is new for most of us, but it does offer the unique opportunity to have an ongoing discussion. So let’s keep it going!

    Thank you and all the best from Germany,

  6. The ‘Humour at Work’ conference ran in a digital, online format from 1 – 5 February 2021. While these presentations and conversations will remain online and accessible, the discussion forums are no longer being actively monitored. Should you have any questions or comments regarding the event, please get in touch with Nicholas Holm, the conference convener at nhfholm (at)

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