CFP: Sustainability special issue

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PERC members and contributors may be interested in contributing to a planned special issue of the journal Sustainability “Understanding the Society-Environmental Policy-Practice Nexus and its Implications for Sustainability Transformations Under Uncertain Futures”. From the abstract:

A rapidly expanding body of literature has explored various aspects of sustainability transformations, ranging from technical, governance, practice, to justice and personal contexts. However, how the various aspects interact, and what the potential implications are, are still poorly understood, highlighting the need to develop the knowledge base to support policy and practice in societal transformations towards sustainable futures. This Special Issue aims to contribute to the emerging literature by addressing this gap, particularly focusing on understanding the society–policy–practice nexus interactions, synergies and trade-offs, and implications for sustainability. Contributions may include original research, comprehensive review articles, or critical theoretical perspectives on recent advances on understanding the key challenges and opportunities for sustainability transformation. 

Further information on the special issue can be found here

The deadline for submissions is the 31 March 2021.

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