Tēnā koutou,
Nau mai, haere mai
Welcome to the Conviviality wānanga archive!

Originally ran in early October, 2021, Conviviality explored the tangled global predicaments of climate change, agriculture, biodiversity, and conservation with a focus on conviviality – that is, the cultivation of vitality, regeneration, and restoration in shifting terrains of belonging and exclusion in the unmaking and remaking of multispecies communities. The event included comment-based discussion of the videos presented by conference delegates on a range of topics that sought to ask, “How can we live – not at the expense of others?”  

Please note that while the videos remain available through the links below as an archive of the event, the comments are no longer frequently monitored and posts may not be responded to. You can join the Conviviality mailing list here.

Below is a recorded portion of the mihi whakatau, a traditional Māori welcome, with remarks by Serena Stein (5:28) and Sita Venkateswar (18:00). Many thanks to Tākuta Ferris for taking the lead in gathering us together in the Convivial space.

This short word performance by Jared Hiakita sets the tone of our wānanga.

Below is a recording of the poroaki, the closing session led by Tākuta Ferris.

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Day 1, Stream 1


Ideologies, Tools, Advocacy
Keynote: Maywa Montenegro de Wit

Day 1, Stream 2


Conservation Politics
Keynote: Bram Büscher 

Day 2


Cultivation Beyond Productivism
Keynote: Reginaldo Haslett - Marroquin

Day 3, Stream 2


Day 5, Streams 1 & 2


Indigeneity and Decolonisation
Keynote: Pounamu Skelton

Day 3, Stream 1


Extraction, Labour, Ecologies
Keynote: Andrés León Araya 

Day 4


Multispecies Relations
Keynote: Annu Jalais

Day 6, Streams 1 & 2


On Being Convivial
Keynote: Yanniek Schoonhoven

The images used on the webpages and conference materials are by Serena Stein, Kamto Chanu, Markus Spiske, Curioso Photography, Michael Anfang, Petr Sevcovic, Travis Blessing, Nahil Naseer, Wolfgang H. Schirmer, Chelsea Audibert.