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  1. Welcome to Feral Art II. My name is Trisia Farrelly and it is my pleasure to chair this panel. Thank you to our presenters. I have found this panel particularly exciting in part due to the diverse, novel, and intellectually stimulating modes of expression found here. I now warmly invite you all to ask the presenters questions.

    1. Greetings from the Northern hemisphere! The Smog Ballet was developed as a cross-disciplinary collaboration between urban studies, performance studies, while exploring socio-ecological ontologies especially in the industrial age. I’d love to know what questions this spurs, what it unsettles, and what you provoke or challenge in our work. Please feel free to send any questions you may have – and, we look forward to engaging with these other incredibly insightful and provocative contributions as well!

  2. New York City’s THE PEOPLE MOVERS created a dance piece, “The Weight of Air,” inspired by our Smog Ballet research, which will be presented in New Zealand at The Performance Arcade in Feb/March. NZ participants, theorists, researchers – is there an opportunity to combine the methodology outlined in this research to identify socio-ecological performances in NZ, that might accompany the People Mover’s dance work at Performance Arcade?

  3. Feral Theatre I salute you! OK I’m biased with previous knowledge and connections as we’re acquainted in all things feral art. I have been looking forward to seeing this short film since you told me about it Persephone Pearl. The images and soundtrack work so well with the text. I’ve been thinking a lot about this innate contamination we all share. Great to hear Murphy’s ideas.

    I look forward to watching the others soon too and commenting.

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