Indigeneity, resistance, and communities stream

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Panel 1: Indigenous knowledge and epistemologies 

Chair Elisabet Rasch

Mining on First Nation land – The First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun in Mayo/Yukon Territory

Gertrude Saxinger, Robert Gebauer, Jörg Oschmann, Susanna Gartler

Damage and Possibility: Artistic practice and world-making in extractive zones in the Americas

Siobhan Angus

Unearthing frontier socio-ecological systems: contesting state-led extractivism in Russia and Ecuador

Julia Loginova and Denisse Elizabeth Rodríguez

Panel 2: Indigenous resistance, social movements 

Chair Michiel Köhne

The illusion of participation; a comparative study of environmental injustice in Peru and Ethiopia

Adrian Gonzalez and David Brown

Criminalization of anti-extraction movements in Ecuador: a gendered and collective perspective

Karolien van Teijlingen and Melissa Moreano

Theorizing the Plantationocene: Plants, Humans, and Activism in the West Papuan Oil Palm Nexus

Sophie Chao

Remediating and Caring for the Legacies of Extractivism in Northern Canada

Caitlynn Beckett

Literature, Extraction, and the Global South

Animesh Roy

Panel 3: Law and legal processes of resistance 

Chair Michiel Köhne

Forest Right Act: a way forward to restore ecology in central India

Tejendra Pratap Gautam

The mining bargain and natural resources law

Barry Barton

The regimes of (im)perceptibility in waste extraction

Michael Picard, Tina Beigi

Path convergence: explaining the interdiction of illegal mining in Peru and Colombia

Gisselle Vila Benites

Towards new forms of environmental democracy: lessons from the popular consultation in Colombia

María Cecilia Roa-García

Panel 4: The Juridification of Natural Resources Conflicts in Contexts of Violent Legal Pluralism 

Chair Ainhoa Montoya

Juridification and illegality in the dispossession process: the defense of territory and the commons in Tocoa, Honduras

Ainhoa Montoya

Defense of territorial rights through local action, regional spaces and political-legal strategies against extractive industries in Guerrero, Mexico

Yacotzin Bravo

“A moment of respite”: Indigenous and Afro-descendant political-legal strategies for territorial defense in the post-Colombia Agreement

Viviane Weitzner

The juridification of the struggles of indigenous peoples: indigenous law and the defense of territory in Guatemala

Rachel Sieder

Panel 5: Living in extractive landscapes: community resistance to mining 

Chair Nick Holm

Mining: Extraction and Cultural Heritage

Jamie DeAngelo

Indigenous perspectives on mining operations in Kanaky/New Caledonia

Matthias Kowasch, Simon P.J. Batterbury, Antoine Cano Poady, and Chanel Ouetcho

Extractivism and civil society's operational space in Northern Chile

Viktoria Reisch

Confronting metal-mining and advocating eco-friendly economy in Armenia: The movement of local residents and civil initiatives to “Save Amulsar”

Milena Baghdasaryan

Extraction and the durée moyenne: Long-term community change in the context of extraction transformations

Glenn Banks