Green extraction: Renewables and agriculture

Panel 1: Renewable Energy 

Chair Trisia Farrelly

Rethinking hydropower in the capitalocene: Commodification of rural life In Turkey

Hacer Gören

Hydropower dams as engines of extraction

Sarah Milne and Sango Mahanty

Extracting Indian ‘green gold’: dispossession and domination, a war for space in the name of renewables?

David Singh

Hidden Extractivism at Urban Frontiers: The Green Plan

Sophia Rhee

Panel 2: Animals, agribusiness and extraction 

Chair Laura Jean McKay

Animals in emergency: Storying multispecies loss, survival, trauma and rehabilitation

Hayley Singer

Meaty extractions: mining cattle tales into narrative crisis

Sue Hall Pyke

The biophysical limits of extractivism

Mike Joy

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