Extracted materials stream

Panel 1: Coal 

Chair Tom Doig

Coal: An irrational History

Delia Falconer

Everyday life in an extractive energy system: emotions and affects in a former coal mining community in South Wales, UK

Mel Rohse and Rosie Day

Unveiling the political economy of fossil extractivism in Colombia – Understanding coal phase-in to facilitate a just-and-timely phase-out

Felipe Corral Montoya

Extraction, sacrifice zones, and unintended energy flows: A case study of the Latrobe Valley

Tom Doig

Panel 2: Oil 

Chair Trisia Farrelly

Film: Visual narratives of the End of the Oil Era, towards an energy conscious education

Paloma Yáñez Serrano

Oily entanglements: A sticky media materialism

Elia Vargas

Ecological Gyre Theory and Deepwater Horizon: critical enmeshments with liquidity, abjection and the petro-Geist

Chantelle Mitchell and Jaxon Waterhouse