PERC in 2018

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2018 was a productive year for PERC, with more national and international activities and networking.

In conjunction with the Sociology of Development and Change (SDC) group at Wageningen University, we ran our second nearly carbon neutral online conference Feral. Led by Dr Nick Holm, over 43 participants from 8 countries produced about 14 hours of publicly accessible video for the conference. During the three weeks that the conference was live, it received over 9,200 page views and substantial media interest in New Zealand. Keynote Professor Mark Davis and Nick Holm participated in an interactive classroom visit with Birbeck, University of London.

The first full draft manuscript of the PERC edited volume, Plastic Legacies, has been submitted to Athabasca University Press and is currently under review. 

Co-director Dr. Sy Taffel has produced another PERC short film for Environment Network Manawatu: Pit Park.

PERC featured in the United Nations Environmental Assembly process at the United Nations Ad Hoc Open Ended Working Group meeting in Geneva in December 2018 (attended by co-director Dr. Trisia Farrelly). Here, conversations took place outlining a proposed architecture for an international legally binding plastic pollution treaty.  Dr. Farrelly will be in attendance as the proposed convention is presented at the 4th United Nations Environmental Assembly in Nairobi in March 2019. More information can be found here.

Members of PERC and the SDC group in the Tongariro, March 2018

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