Extraction Keynote Panel with Deanna Kemp, Katharina Ruckstahl, and Jason W. Moore

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  1. Thank you to our three fascinating keynote speakers today. They raised some challenging points for us to keep in mind over the next two weeks.
    Some that stuck with me were: Deanna’s point that when we are discussing the politics of knowledge production and epistemic extractivism, we also need to think about knowledge consumption; that is, who will read our work, and how can we produce knowledge in a form that will get to the audiences that we need it to, such as the mining industry? Katharina’s discussion of “technologies of remembering”; how we can work with bureaucracies, making sure that the promises/policies/partnerships created by particular personnel in organisations such as mining companies are not forgotten, but are continually placed at the forefront through digitally embedding these in company websites (it would be interesting to also have this discussion with regards to universities!). And Jason reminding us to take the long view of extraction – taking us back to the Little Ice Age in the 1500s, a key moment in the origins of capitalism.

    Please post your questions / comments / thoughts on today’s discussion.

  2. Many thanks to each of the keynote speakers. I would like to address my question to Jason Moore.

    He stated that the modern extractivism dates back to the socio-ecological crisis of the Little Ice Age. This is more and more being confirmed by large-scale quantitative studies as well. Here comes my question:
    “What do you think about the possibility that the current climate crisis could lead to a significant change in modern extractive industries? Much related to this one, could the emancipation of capitalism from its own crises lie in the emancipation from the current socio-ecological crisis?”

    Best regards,

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