Feral Keynote Speaker Announcement

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PERC is very excited to announce that Arian Wallach will be giving a keynote address at the upcoming ‘Feral’ conference. Arian is the Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney. Her research investigates the ecological role of large predators on biodiversity and functioning of novel ecosystems. She conducts fieldwork across the Australian arid zone, where she is researching the …

Feral Keynote Speaker Announcement

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We at PERC are most excited to announce that Mark Davis will be giving a keynote presentation at the upcoming ‘Feral‘ conference. Mark is the DeWitt Wallace Professor of Biology at Macalester College, where he has been a faculty member since 1981.  His research, writings, and presentations focus on the ecology of introduced species and the field of invasion biology. Mark …

Feral Keynote Speaker Announcement

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PERC is very pleased to confirm that Fred Pearce will be delivering a keynote presentation at the upcoming ‘Feral: A Nearly Carbon-Neutral Conference.’ Fred Pearce is a freelance author and journalist based in London. A former news editor of the UK-based New Scientist magazine, he has been its environment consultant since 1992, reporting in that time from 87 countries. He also …

Anthropocene Campus Melbourne 2018

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Deakin University are hosting the Anthropocene Campus Melbourne between the 3rd and 6th of September, 2018. Participants take part in a range of lectures, field trips and workshops to explore the theme of the ‘elemental’.  Confirmed speakers include Karen Barad, Hannah Landecker, and Margaret Jolly. More information can be found here.

Writing Slow Disaster in the Anthropocene: A Workshop

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This upcoming workshop, to be held at Deakin University, will likely be of interest to many of PERC’s members. The writing workshop centres around discussions and writing exercises to work with the theme of ‘slow disaster in the Anthropocene.’ ‘Slow disaster’ refers to the environmental and infrastructural degradation that result from “inadequate risk assessments, industrial regulations, and the political narratives …

2017 Marine Plastic Innovation Challenge

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The 2017 Marine Plastic Innovation Challenge seeks to highlight solution-oriented engineering, research, and communication efforts that can help solve the global marine litter problem. Four categories have been defined within the challenge, with one winner from each to be announced at the Sixth International Marine Debris Conference in San Diego, California in March 2018. Winners will have the opportunity to present …

‘Opening the Bin’

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PERC Co-director Dr Farrelly travelled to Helsingborg, Sweden to attend the ‘Opening the Bin’ Conference. The three-day conference was well attended by social scientists and humanities waste researchers who gathered to discuss “the places, roles and trajectories as well as the meanings, practices, and vocabularies of waste in culture and society.” Dr Farrelly presented on the need for more transdisciplinary …

The Politics of Lawn-Mowing in the Age of Climate Change

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Could the ubiquitous act of mowing the lawn be a symbol of our dysfunctional relationship with nature? It’s at least a starting point for deeper reflection on the state of the planet, and just one of a range of provocative ideas to be aired by Massey University humanities scholars in a new public series at Takapuna Library, starting tonight. The …

National Single-Use Plastic Bag Forum

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In conjunction with environmental lobby group Carrying Our Future, PERC ran a national single-use plastic bag forum in Palmerston North. Attendees at the forum discussed positive ways to meet challenges associated with single-use plastic bags in New Zealand. The forum was opened by Mayor Grant Smith and well-attended by a wide range of interested individuals and groups including designers, a …